Sofia Vivana

Duo Partners - Introducing Vixen & Akira





Adding to our fun...

Meet Vixen D. Fox

Fantasizing of having two lovely girls pleasing your every need? Do you want us to keep your hands busy and your eyes darting back and forth? Do you want to sit back and watch us enjoy each other while you get a front row seat? I have just the girlfriend to join us. This petite babe will add a fiery mix to our night. We are quite familiar with each other and have great compatibility in bed, now let's get familiar with you. 

Vixen D. Fox





To book with the both of us please add that in your message in my booking form. 


Exotic Akira loves to play,  she'll blow you away with her open-minded and exploratory nature! A positive, open minded, and kind spirit; in a body built to titillate, tantalize, and reciprocate. A golden yellow child of the far East, no need to travel far - explore a new world tonight with us. With onyx black hair flowing down to her lower back, can you feel it brushing against your flesh yet? Beautiful brown eyes pierce you with a knowing look of passion and a kiss of kindness. But don't take kindness for weakness, She's highly capable of commanding the room and showing you "the ropes", if you catch my drift.

Akira Lee